Seek and Speak your Truth

#strangers #knowthyself

There is a delicate line between being gullible, naive and trustful, and as I get older I confusingly find myself caught between this trio. Something is sure at least, a decision must be made, regardless it’s consequences.

At least, I thought I was practicing the acts of service when I opened the doors to a stranger. Whom I call Kene. She is a secondary school leaver, who had left her brother’s place, wanting to register for the next entrance examination at basic level. And so she needed a place to stay. Meeting as first timers, I was willing to put up with her for a few days. Even if she aired her unsolicited opinions about me to me. I didn’t notice any disarray with her as she seemed perfectly fine except her face that showed some disarrayed rashes (craw-craw)

I love to be on my own, and being that I didn’t know this stranger, giving her an unoccupied room was the best I thought of that moment. Although she insisted, she wanted to move to my room, I vehemently refused that she stays with me. I didn’t want to think that I welcomed a thief or kidnapper. Nevertheless Kene, still moved into my room stubbornly. In conversing with her, I noticed her undertones she made jabs about everything. She spoke to herself and continually rambled about hearing the sound of an aeroplane (which she continuously called ugboelu in igbo). It then dawned on me she was mentally and psychologically sick. It was already late so I couldn’t send her away. Nothing I said made sense to her. She kept reading a book I didn’t even know if she understood or not. I simply fed her and decided quietly, that by tomorrow I’d let her go at least with transport fare.

After much prodding, She told me she moved out of the accommodation she shared with her brother due to disunity and she was heading to see Fr. Mbaka. Hmm. Occasionally she would say, ‘Ebere are you not hearing that sound’, the world is coming to an end. Though I was worried and simply hoped that I’d be alive by the following morning to send her off. Without much ado, I heard Kene leaving the room saying she was going. I asked her where, she said anywhere and left. I was worried but I didn’t swing into action. Unseemly, I was anxious not to stop her from leaving.

Thirty minutes later I got a call from an unknown number which after 2 rings I didnt pick. I thought it was one of those boys. On the third ring, I picked. The caller asking me if I know Kene, which I positively acclaimed and was immediately instructed to come downstairs. On getting there a group of male and female had gathered, questioning her, on how she got entrance and how we both met.

I was a bit embarrassed whether it was because of my service or how this stranger ended up making people look at me as being irresponsible about my safety. Kene had entered into an opposite room and shouted about the world coming to an end. Unintentionally causing chaos. It was largely agreed that- she be sent away with the night watchman.

I feel crushed. I had the upper hand of speaking for her and I didn’t. So many afterthought-lingering my mind. I even worry if she is fine. Where she is? What happened to her? was she abused mentally, emotionally or that guard where did he take her to. No matter what, I still cannot turn the hands of time.

P.s I am thankful to Sheryl Sandberg, as she inspired this theme from her book “LEAN IN”

I hope you have a great year ahead. Don’t forget to help others along. As no one enjoys being left behind.

With Love.

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