Two Underage Youngsters

For weeks I’ve been shouting and giving commands; heyy! come here! Kai! stop that! etc. My mouth is tired and I know this is not the end either. 

One thing you’ll repeat it 7 times 7. You’ll say don’t touch and that’s exactly what they’ll touch. You say leave that place and that’s exactly where you’ll find them, causing mishaps. They can’t be left on their own without constant checks.

I rush some of my meals because an underaged miss eats hers in less than one minute so she could come feast on mine. 

While apologizing for something wrong they’ve done, you need to be careful lest they’re somewhere causing anew havoc.

If I say stop making noise, they continue stopping at their will.

One minute they’re here, the next they’re there. If am not settling squabbles then I make sure my eyes do not wander from them. They simply can’t be left on their own. Their antics keep changing.

One is only a precocious 3 year old who needs a reason before carrying out instructions while still struggling to speak queens English and the other a feisty toddler scared of Shepherd (A German shepherd). It’s like their unintended purpose is for you to have headache? Or keep babbling.

At the end of the day they’re good kids or trying to be, that’s only what a nearby aunt wish for.


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