Courtesy tainted with Arrogance

Mason had insisted that I finish at the Old nato bank while he proceeded to Fishers bank at the middle land junction 3 miles away as this would save time. This was distracting for me as I did not like to be out and about while prepping for my finals yet I was ready to give my up most mindfully. 

A salient disgruntled nod with a stenched sweat from the security guard welcomed me as I walked into the bank. The place was packed with all sorts of being, even young adults. While the staffs bankers rarely scouting the area but minding their paper work seeing how they could save time as more customers poured in.

I immediately picked a slip, cautiously filled in the required information and joined the line. 

Soonest, I got comfortable in my spot, I pulled out my phone and was reading my feeds. I was distracted from the incessant noise around me, occasionally raising my head to see my purse and slip were intact, feeling them wasn’t enough. I had to be careful, I wasn’t running just any errand but my high profile mom. Before long it was my turn, the cashier’s voice was characterized by resonance, typically out of norm.

I buzzed Mason, I was done, he enjoys the stillness of formal activities. So I didn’t call him.

I exited the bank for an unplanned waiting, unhurriedly bumping into a mister whom I unapologetically apologized to. Like a glorified statue I took my place standing under the tree waiting for Mason. 

Humming silently, not long after this fellow dressed on a jean with dishevelled hair walked up to me, I was immersed in my playlist to give him an undivided attention. Without a care, he said you were the lady who bumped into me previously, I looked up astonished by such air of arrogance. He thought wrong, if I was going to reply. Seemingly he noticed how uninterested I was, he was intended to have my attention. He introduce himself, as Hillary James an eye doctor. He didn’t mind rambling to me, so far I was the listener.

Courtesy was on loose, so I put my phone away, to hear him out. 

Hillary is on holiday, he loves exercise and food a lot. He’s familiar with the bank manager, he has a flair for fair women who can cook and he’s sure my level of unleashed demon is minimal.

Tersely, he asked the question I dreaded, “whom I was waiting for,” I offhandedly replied “someone.” He wasn’t satisfied by my answer, he wanted to hear more like an eligible answer. I was irritated, contemplating why a total stranger would outrageously ask me such questions. As if seeking the answer on my phone, I flipped it on-security guard approached him, the bank manager was around. Breath of fresh air forced its way out my lungs. 


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