Its been two weeks,  since students of University of Port Harcourt , went on a one day rioting, as a result of the tragic death, of a female year two theater and arts student.

It was garnered she needed quick medical attention, yet was ignored by the nurse on duty that unfaithful Sunday evening.






The peace of the University, slowly led to uneasiness and fear that Monday morning.

As I too waved half- consciously to people, I hardly spoke to, But did, because they were with ply woods for destruction of properties.

Just to say, the least I feel sorry, because another undiscovered talent has been lost due to negligence and incapability of duty.

And what most is appalling is the fact, that questions are never asked? No one is been questioned nor fired for devious negligence as this.

“Ignorance is not an excuse.”

Please take a look, at this worst case scenario, sometimes when patients, are been rushed their malicious excuse could be; lack of empty bed space, predicting death on the patient while still breathing, the doctor’s nap can’t be disturbed, have you paid for your hospital card? Are your hospital bills ready? and so on.

Come on, who are we deceiving? Are we really all are clamoring, for the same thing as CHANGE.

Because I see something else. And if we are, It seems some people are hell bent on sinking us deep, into the deep blue sea.

The answer I believe lie deep, different within each of us. How do we call these people to caution? Do we still and always wait on the officials, authorities nor governments? Or we take the bull by the horn and act within our capacities and environment, standing up to what is right.

To our fellow student, whom I believe was a daughter, sister, cousin. We say rest in peace.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Friday Constance · December 9, 2015

    Nice one dear


    • EBERE · December 21, 2015

      Thank you Lenu, for courage and assistance.


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