Its been two weeks,  since students of University of Port Harcourt , went on a one day rioting, as a result of the tragic death, of a female year two theater and arts student.

It was garnered she needed quick medical attention, yet was ignored by the nurse on duty that unfaithful Sunday evening.







The peace of the University, slowly led to uneasiness and fear that Monday morning.

As I too waved half- consciously to people, I hardly spoke to, But did, because they were with ply woods for destruction of properties.

Just to say, the least I feel sorry, because another undiscovered talent has been lost due to negligence and incapability of duty.

And what most is appalling is the fact, that questions are never asked? No one is been questioned nor fired for devious negligence as this.

“Ignorance is not an excuse.”

Please take a look, at this worst case scenario, sometimes when patients, are been rushed their malicious excuse could be; lack of empty bed space, predicting death on the patient while still breathing, the doctor’s nap can’t be disturbed, have you paid for your hospital card? Are your hospital bills ready? and so on.

Come on, who are we deceiving? Are we really all are clamoring, for the same thing as CHANGE.

Because I see something else. And if we are, It seems some people are hell bent on sinking us deep, into the deep blue sea.

The answer I believe lie deep, different within each of us. How do we call these people to caution? Do we still and always wait on the officials, authorities nor governments? Or we take the bull by the horn and act within our capacities and environment, standing up to what is right.

To our fellow student, whom I believe was a daughter, sister, cousin. We say rest in peace.

Yours sincerely,

A fake Caucasian Mongolian who needs to wash his brain

A Caucasian recently struck up a conversation with me, using a Mongolian name. Mind you, he’s not the average ‘foreigner you know’. He’s well dressed with slick permed hair.
So there’s nothing for you to malign him with his impudent personality (which means not all dressed men can carry out a formidable conversation, you’re forewarned)

I knew him from no where. More of the reasons, he would go down the drain in no matter of time. He didn’t know the ethics of conversation. He was garnering listeners for what he thought he knew.
Very daft of him, parading with a phoney tale. Very cheap lad (They never stop amazing me).
He sure is one of my ignorant Biafran brothers who miss road. Psychos prowling every where, make una take time ooh.

This was extracted from our conversation. We both go by Nuna (him) and Fura (myself)
Which has been edited not to bore you.

Nuna: What ethical group do you belong in Nigeria
Fura: Igbo…seems you’re conversant with Nigeria
Nuna: Am not conversant to that zoo country z just that my father z only a friend to one Mr Nadia Kanu in Nigeria
Fura: You called my country a zoo
That is insulting…and your father being a friend to him is correlative ‘they are both friends to each other’ not your father showing him favor
Nuna: Nothing just prefer to use a different name to locate a female Nigeria who ran away with my 10 dollar
Fura: Nigeria is not a zoo…so apologise for that
Secondly Facebook is large and so is Nigeria….Have a bigger heart and let go because you won’t be finding her anytime soon.

Nuna: No don’t think like that….. But calling your country a zoo z a good name for that
Fura: you have to apologise for that
Nuna: I will apologize but first of all you have to go to ur illiterate president to stop coming to our territory to try in bribing my father cos He will always be a looser once you do that i will apologize.. Unfairly to do that then d country will remain a local underdeveloped and a zoo country indeed
Fura: For calling us animals…You won’t apologise cos that’s the implication of zoo. It’s disrespectful and disregarding for the rest of us in the country and if you don’t want to it’s not okay.

Nuna: So intelligent and speak fluently.. I thought all Nigerians are illiterate…. I don’t like apologizing when am right or wrong besides all Nigerians are criminal… Not worthy enough to be a whole country… Nigeria z a country that should be recolonize for complete 200 years cos they knew nothing about leadership and self consciousness… All d citizens are vagabond… Please lady i can’t apologize cos your country z more than a zoo… Sorry u can remove me if you are not comfortable with Me…. Nadia Kanu z so important here in my country and your president seized him for no good reason…
Fura: You don’t accept when you are right or wrong? Too bad..
You thought we were all illiterate too bad
We are all criminals, very rude to generalize saying all Canadians are does it ring to the ear?
You know we have heroes, who fought for our freedom and where conscious and weren’t full of themselves.
All the citizens are vagabonds, I am a vagabond..when did I accept your friend request and didn’t filter you?

Nuna: If Canadian are wicked we would have accept d offer that your president has given to us to destroy bfrans once and for all but we didn’t… But if Nigerians where in that situation they will accept and destroy Canada… Greedy monsters all over Nigeria with ape president…. All i know that u are brilliant i like that but d fact z just d opposite u might be wicked also…. Cos u people don’t reason well…. How i wish Nigeria would accept for Britain to recolonize them again… Nigeria z not a Democratic country… Daz y UN award them as the third most corrupt country in the world
Fura: Thank God you’re not a Yahoo boy, but you did confirm you’re a distraught’ Nigerian raising ruckus about Biafra…for a fake Asian Canadian you’re, you know too much about Nigeria ‘the zoo’ but yet wants it to be Biafra. And Biafra can never recolonize Nigeria (get your facts straightened out) the time has pass for that. They can only hope to be separated from Nigeria.

Finally I wish you all the best in your tour for Biafra, I see you really are a disgruntled person, wasting your time on Facebook, parading as CEO of Brisbane international airport, dream well as it’s too much of a dream to waste for nothing.
And by the way, CEO’s Email they rarely chat up strange people. So you’d plan well Next time for your intended ‘Brain washee’ who might not be this patient to give you the insult of your life.


We Are Here

I heard this song on T.v and it stuck to me like black and white ( my favourite colours) does.
This song is deeper than it reveals, as it’s a call and reminder to love, peace and unity.

With so much hate in the world right now, I believe we feel there is less good, enough to go round for every one, so many people have lost their lives, families, homes and jobs.

And so many others, have lost hope and are living like they care less, if anything worst can shake them from their dreams.
And am here to assure us all, how true it’s not, that there is still enough good to go round for every one.

They want us to send hate message and fall flat to chagrin and anger, but that’s not us
Because we understand that even if we do, we’ll still get up and continue and rise beyond our horizon, that’s what makes us different from them.

Here is the soothing lyrics from Alicia keys song:

“We Are Here”

We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here

Bombs over Baghdad, tryna get something we ain’t never had
Let’s start with a good dad
So real but it’s so sad
And while we burnin’ this incense, we gon’ pray for the innocent
Cause right now it don’t make sense
Right now it don’t make sense
Let’s talk about Chi town
Let’s talk about Gaza
Let’s talk about, let’s talk about Israel
Cause right now it is real
Let’s talk about, let’s talk Nigeria
In a mass hysteria, yeah
Our souls are brought together so that we could love each other

We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here

No guns made in Harlem, but yet crime is a problem
He wanna shine, they wanna rob him
Single mother, where they come from?
How we gonna save the nation, with no support for education
Cause right now it don’t make sense
Right now it don’t make sense
Let’s talk about our part
My heart touch your heart
Let’s talk about, let’s talk about living
Had enough of dying, not what we all about
Let’s do more giving
Do more forgiving, yeah
Our souls were brought together so that we could love each other

We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh

We are here (oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh)
We are here for all of us (oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh)
(oh, oh)
We are here for all of us (oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh)
(oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh)
that’s why we are here, why we are here (oh, oh)

Cause we are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are, here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here,
Why we are here


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ALICIA KEYS lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. “We Are Here” lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
Copyright © 2000-2016


In my time on earth, I’ve come to conclusion about certain things.  Whether they seem conventional, westernized or old-fashioned, I don’t mind anymore as they still remain my views.

   One of this is my perception on an undergraduate and a lecturer engaged in any sort of combat. For me, it epitomises impudency on both alpha male pack. I believe such combat; physical or mental arises from ignorance, on both parties. As whatever induces it, I believe does not warrant any form of  heat.

    In almost all cases, since the lecturer has an  upper hand, there is a tendency to maximize it well, by melting fairly undue punishment to the student, and in some cases, threaten the student with malice induced talks such as ‘you will not graduate in due time’, or ‘ you willl fail my course’ or ‘ we will see’ . The worst cases are that of those who silently invoke the wrath of their fellow colleagues against such student. 
As its not accepted in the temperate region, it can not be acceptable here. In fact, more or less, for me, the lecturer and student ought to be punished by the ethics committee where findings establish a combat.
     Let me illustrate my point with a recap of  an anecdote, bearing in mind, that, this is one of many combats that occur daily in the Nigerian  Ivory towers. We were in for an early exam paper, when a male student and lecturer got into an argument.  From a distant, it looked as though the lecturer was making efforts to unwrap his belt, and while I struggled to understand why? he violently dragged the lad and ripped his shirt.

  Chaos broke out with  students shouting blue murder and lecturers working as co-invigilators  quickly reached the conclusion that the lad was disrespectful. Following investigations, the  so called student was discovered to be a mercenary (meaning: A paid student personator) for Exam purposes. You see, this student knew it was against the University’s examination code of conduct to sit an exam for another and yet took the stress of  carrying out his carefully- laid-plans.

This goes to show the level of integrity in youths and reduced ethical standards with each passing day. On the side of lecturers, yours sincerely thinks that there is need for a cohesive and matured form of handling issues with student in such a way that conflict is properly managed and negative pictures are  kept far off.
As for young people in institutions of learning, it is my honest opinion that this issue of non adherence to institutionalized codes of conduct definitely calls for attention from government, so that  higher Institutions are used for not only educational purpose, but also as value re- orientation grounds.


P.s.  Am sorry as this post is long due, as it’s not fictional. I will do better in the future.
As always would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.
Using the comment section below.


   It doesn’t feel the same, without you anymore. As important as you were to me, you left without a goodbye. Yes,  you were to me a shadow, but clumsiness and unconsciousness slipped you away from me. You gave me hope and reason each day to stand aloof and strong. You always made me feel safe my dear ring, my confidence was topped all along as I didn’t have anything to worry.

While wailing and complaining in private wouldn’t bring you back,  I am quite conscious not to display any emotion in open, as very few would understand the kind of bond we shared. We never had qualms, but yet you found a way to be spoken about by people around me. Were they not asking; why are you wearing the ring on that finger? Are you married? Are you spoken for? I never felt ashamed or intimidated by this mirage of question, although it wasn’t called for, I didn’t find reason to be shaken by them.

Yet I was true and my defiant answer remained “NO”. Though I did question myself on  defining my true purpose of wearing you on that exact finger. I never saw you as an ornament of attraction but respected your  sacredness. As I search myself I still can’t come to reasons as to why I wore you on that finger. But you know what? I do remember trying you on different fingers the first time, until you fit perfectly on my right ring finger.

Even on a random day, you are where you supposed to be.


This is one of my earliest memories of the ring on me precisely September 2013.

I wish I had seen deeper into this picture, how faint it was, and realize you were leaving me sooner than I thought, things would definitely have turned out different.

I recall the day before you left me, you were  quite loose and  whether I fastened you or not, I can’t tell now as you are all alone  somewhere called nowhere. You slipped out of my fingers; You left without a goodbye, disappearing like a needle in a stack. I tried to think that maybe you left because I didn’t need you anymore or paid you less attention than you deserved, but its not true.  Oh, I still remember the green stains you leave whenever I polished you but now all these are gone to memories. I think about you and can’t help blaming myself for not keeping you safe.  I hope you remain in my heart,  and keep me company; my dear ring with the many pictures we’ve shared.

And am like this now, empty though this is recent.

Yours sincerely,
   P.s :Which of your personal item did you bond with and got misplaced? How did you get over loosing it?
    Please feel free to share.

Live out 2016!

Happy new year, dear readers!
I hope you have a different perspective of life this year. I leave you with my first quote of the year.


This is an app made calligraph, love it much because it gives me an opportunity to put my thoughts into words.
courtesy: textgram
P.s would share more sometimes, maybe through a post.

It’s been three years since I last had a new year resolution. Though its not a lax but I didn’t see it as up most as when I was still in Secondary school where emphasis was laid on studies, prompt obedience to school order and punctuality at all functions ( still priorities though!).

Nonetheless, I am sure that if I were reminded often, I might have made some resolutions in the last few years. But I have a weird way of perceiving celebrations and festive seasons, I take them as they come with so much vigor and hype that I forget about the nearest future.

All the same, spontaneously, I have come up with 5 resolutions for this year 2016, join me as I note them in a particular order:

1. Welcome change

You know life is a daring adventure or nothing, Helen Keller said.

Change isn’t constant I hear, you may push for something and get otherwise in return. You can’t let the spirit of the new year overwhelm you nor allow yourself take shield in the status quo. For a change, you can volunteer in your meetings or field without been called upon.

You can sign up with a book club or library around you That’s the easiest way to hang out with amazing writers at your own comfort, while learning and growing at your pace.


I recommend this book as a start, Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. Though haven’t finished yet, but it’s a sure way to start.
Am sorry the image is blurred, but you can ask me what you’ re unclear of.

2. Post often

As often as I write and have incomplete write-ups due to writers block (I wonder how many times I actually experience the block and how many times my failure to write is actually my undoing!), I also lack the will to share my writings some times because I am scared of criticism, and seek a non existent perfection.
This 2016 I have decided to go with the flow and post often in order to achieve the aim of this blog, which is sharing personal thoughts and letting out inspiring quotes. (You will understand better from my welcome page)

3. Pursue Good Health

After all, health is business! If I try to understand this deeply, maybe I can string up a friendly relationship with routine exercises such as dancing, and walking. Also, consider taking drugs as prescribed without being a ‘smart ass’.
Considering each year draws us closer to old age, ( can’t’ believe I just said that!), we have to look healthy to embrace it, and what better way to prepare than now.
Since we can’t cheat nature, it won’t take long before consumed junks create puffs and hoofs, I hope to avoid junks and eat healthy because its a win when we eat and exercise.

4. Learn a skill

One step at a time, as much as we want to be jack of all trades, we can most times, end up as masters of none, if not thorough. Therefore, patience and discipline comes in handy in seeking and achieving new skills.
It was Serge Lafrance’s opinion that ‘we rarely regret having dared, but we always regret having not tried’.
So I will try to take up something ordinary but challenging that I love because I could easily lose interest without a care if I lack the passion for it.
Such skills could be volunteering, baking, plumbing ( Oh yes, plumbing!) public speaking, photography, tailoring, music, etc. These skills comes in handy, they are such an experience.

Some feel good Exercise:

Jar of good tidings;


Meet chingu behind(meaning friend in Korea), he’s such a help.

Yes, saving the best for the last, this connects us to expressing gratitude more in 2016.
At times good ol’ journal gets tiring, talking, pouring our musings and whining. Therefore, this; exercise is a short way out of whining and moaning. It helps to keep and renew positivity for those of us who don’t keep a journal. Gratitude can never be over nor under emphasized.
This DIY, is one ride that lasts, for a long time. (I look forward to sharing mine, with you at sometime).
Here is all you need to do:

Empty of sweets and gums…( someone’s definitely got a sweet tooth)

1. Get an empty jar with cover
2. A pen and paper ( probably sticky notes)
Note: you keep it, where you can see it and how far you’ve come, either monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on any preferable.
3. Its easier to put a date, be precise and concise as much as possible. To keep up with less worry, while its your good tidings, you can add trifling details and be beautiful about it.
If you think you don’t have any to be grateful for, e.g try writing, how thankful you are for seeing a beautiful day or how your your health is in good shape.(Trust me it never gets old)
Gratitude can never be over-emphasized, I hope your jar of good tidings, teach you to appreciate life and remain grateful to Almighty God always.

With an ever green inspirational quote, I leave you at this point.

“Fan into flames, the desire to seek the will of God in all things and to respond to his plan of love, aware that the mission received does not belong to us” – Unknown

I would love to hear from you on how much you engaged in the exercise. Keep expressing gratitude and enjoy your year!!!




“Noble character is the most sustainable weapon of attraction”

I am befuddled sometimes on the question of what female students( including myself) are up to at the ivory tower where we ought to acquire knowledge and life- long skills.

I sometimes wonder why we decide to misbehave or go wrong nor accept right. In this discuss, I’ d rather go, with my all time quote from every one’s favorite series; Gossip Girl


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” it says.

Now, let me share this gist with you.

Last matriculation, i was resting in my hostel when my roommate left the room with the intention of going to see a friend, when she came in back complaining, that the hostel had been locked up and the hostel head and her cohorts had taken charge of the entrance and exit as freshers wouldn’t be passed until they dropped their share of   “forceful offering”  as none was excluded, to the extent of visitors.

“Anything for your girls” were their words in degrading terms and obscene acts.

I was so disgusted that i chose to go see for myself and true to my roommate’s words, the girls where doing so without any plan in mind, though with disdain for their attitude, as I felt it was shameless.

On arriving, a little group had gathered arguing, some refusing to pay. while the hostel head and her cohort shouting in half English  “if you no pay, you no go comot, oya stay na”.

I was inquiring from a fellow for more details when the she -in-charge spooked in “you no know say nah every year dem dey do am” I was taken aback as I felt, that didn’t hold any water at all, still trying to comprehend, her  accomplice asked  “are you in year one?”  I said “year two” and she replied hastily  “you know get problem nah”.

And I walked away quietly, with regret onward for both themselves and me, mostly I, filled with guilt for not using my zeal in mustering courage (which is slow in forthcoming), to tell them off as I wanted to from the start.

Later as I reflect about that despicable act, what lessons I wanted to share with you. one word keeps ringing and it is SELF-DIGNITY.

Myself, lassies and the visitors who were given a pass, only did encourage she and her cohorts.  As far as patronizing them even after the little or no confrontation, giving them an upper hand, cheer and will power to continue. Which still pave ways for misdemeanor.

Also do I think about the so called traditionalists who thought it wise and innovative as inno- selfish people with myopic insight. Since then, i have not stopped weeping in my heart for our generation. I wish they could realize the harm, they were  melting even after long gone.

My thought also acknowledges the negative effect of our economic policies that have left so many hopeless and helpless in this age and era. I guess that these lassies with pilled debts, sought that lucky day to extort money from people, to pay off. nonetheless, their action remains  a selfish one that should be condemned.

I duff my heart for no one, in this respect, because I believe everyone, in a way contributes to this misfit in different measures; whether by condoning the act or by participation. Somehow, we have collectively failed to reward virtue and rather extol vice.

Whether we accept it or not, We all are moral police to one another. The golden rule “Do unto others as you want done to you should ultimately guide our path.

Yours sincerely,

P.s Have you encountered such experience as finding it a bit challenging to rise up in an untoward situation? Please do share.